“Setting the standard in commercial construction through quality and service since 1976”

Proudly WBENC-certified, ASI General Contractors is a woman-owned commercial contractor spanning over the western United States with a seasoned and dedicated staff that stands at the forefront of excellence. We use cutting-edge technology and the latest software to give our clients a seamless journey from conception to completion, ensuring projects are both on time and on budget.


Our philosophy:

our service must be as exceptional as the end product we deliver.

Our Goal

Our goal

is to stand beside our clients as their trusted advisors, unwavering in our commitment to high-quality work.

Our History

The history of ASI General Contractors, founded by Anthony (Tony) Anzelc, is a remarkable tale of entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability. At the age of 20, Tony Anzelc embarked on his journey of self-employment, forming A.L. Anzelc Trucking in 1968. He initially worked for Rogers Trucking in Brisbane, California, and later for Santa Clara Transportation in Santa Clara, California. After a year with each company, Tony made a bold move by purchasing his own truck and trailer, thus establishing himself as an independent trucker.

During the next two years, Tony honed his skills and expanded his business, but eventually, he decided to pivot dramatically. Selling his truck and trailer, he ventured into the building maintenance industry, partnering with Al Camilleri. At 24, in 1972, Tony invested in Knight Building Maintenance, a janitorial company. Unfortunately, the partnership faced financial difficulties, leading Tony to leave after six months. However, he didn’t leave empty-handed; he took with him four accounts – Empire Egg Company, Coldwell Banker, Foster Enterprises, and Hare, Brewer & Kelly.

This setback didn’t deter Tony. At 25, he founded Anthony’s Building Maintenance in 1973, marking the start of a new chapter. The company was incorporated on July 21, 1976, as Anthony’s Building Maintenance, Inc. Over the years, the business underwent several name changes, reflecting its evolving identity and expanding services. On July 6, 1979, it became Anthony & Son General Contractors, Inc., and on July 14, 1989, it was renamed Anthony & Sons General Contractors, Inc. A few months later, on October 23, 1989 the company was rebranded as ASI – Anthony & Sons General Contractors, Inc.

Over the course of 30 years, ASI – Anthony & Sons General Contractors, Inc., under the leadership of Tony Anzelc, witnessed remarkable growth and expansion. Initially rooted in the Bay Area, the company steadily extended its reach across all of Northern California, establishing itself as a significant player in the general contracting industry.

The history of ASI – Anthony & Sons General Contractors, Inc. is a compelling narrative of evolution, adaptability, and family-driven leadership. In 2019, a significant shift occurred when Tiffany Anzelc, alongside her husband Joel Anzelc, took the reins of the company founded by Tony Anzelc. This transition marked the beginning of a new era for ASI, characterized by a blend of fresh insights and a deep understanding of the company’s legacy.

Tiffany, with her innovative mindset, spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of the company’s operations, breathing new life into its strategies and corporate culture. Her approach was complemented by Joel’s insights and understanding of the business and construction, making for a powerful leadership duo. Together, they charted a course for expansion that first saw ASI extend its reach to Southern California, a strategic move that signaled the beginning of a more aggressive growth phase.

Under the joint leadership of Tiffany and Joel, ASI’s expansion continued with remarkable momentum. The company extended its presence beyond California, reaching into other key states such as Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. This expansion transformed ASI from a regional contractor to a major contractor covering the Western United States.

Today, ASI stands as a symbol of resilience, innovation, and forward-thinking leadership. Its geographical footprint, covering numerous states, is a testament to the company’s robust operational capabilities and its commitment to adapting to the ever-changing needs of its diverse client base. The vision set forth by Tiffany and Joel continues to propel the company forward, with plans to expand into additional states in the future.

The journey of ASI, from its origins under Tony Anzelc to its current stature under the joint leadership of Tiffany and Joel, illustrates a story of continuous growth, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to delivering quality and service. The company’s evolution is not just a business success story but also a narrative of a family’s dedication to building upon a legacy while innovatively forging new paths in the industry.

Our founder, Anthony (Tony) Anzelc believed in hard, honest work with effective communication as the recipe for success.

Photos from Left to Right:

A.L. Anzelc Trucking, 1968

Tony Anzelc with young Joel Anzelc, 1975

Tony Anzelc with Mary Greeley at Oki Semiconductor, HVAC relocation via helicopter, next photo onsite at project, 1988

Alan Anzelc, Mr. Trammel Crow, Tony Anzelc, 1987

Tony, Tiffany & Joel Anzelc, 2019


Anthony Anzelc


Anthony “Tony” Anzelc’s remarkable journey in the construction industry began with a modest $500 loan from a family member. This initial step marked the start of what would become a thriving career in both the trucking and transportation sectors, eventually leading Tony towards self-employment and the founding of ASI, Anthony & Sons General Contractors.

In 1976, Tony made a bold decision to start his own building maintenance company. His venture quickly evolved, opening doors to numerous opportunities in the construction trades. Tony’s commitment to quality and exceptional service set his work apart, earning him a reputation for excellence among his clients. This reputation paved the way for ASI’s expansion into larger tenant improvement projects and commercial construction.

Under Tony’s leadership, ASI grew beyond its Bay Area roots, extending operations to the Sacramento Region, the Pacific Northwest, and Nevada. His hands-on approach combined with his belief in hard, honest work and effective communication, became the cornerstone of ASI’s success. With over 45 years of experience in all construction phases, Tony’s expertise and service-oriented mindset have been integral to the company’s continuous growth and success.

After 45 years of dedication to the commercial construction industry, Tony has not only built a successful business but also laid a path for future generations of his family. Now enjoying retirement, he remains a trusted advisor, ready to offer wisdom and guidance whenever needed. His legacy is a testament to the power of perseverance, quality workmanship, and the importance of family in the business world.

Tiffany Anzelc

Chief Executive Officer

After completing her college education, Tiffany embarked on a dynamic career path that initially found her in the dental industry. With over a decade of experience in this field, Tiffany was presented with a unique opportunity in the mechanical construction industry, based in the Bay Area by a patient. This marked the beginning of a significant career transition, showcasing Tiffany’s adaptability and willingness to embrace new goals and challenges.

Years later, Tiffany moved to the Sacramento area, embracing the Anzelc family name and setting down roots to start her own family. During this period, she discovered a passion for network marketing, a venture that not only allowed her to raise her children but also provided a substantial income stream for 15+ years and growing. Tiffany’s dedication and business acumen led to remarkable success in this field. Within six years, she not only reached the pinnacle of the company but also played a pivotal role in elevating others on her team to similar heights.

This journey through network marketing was more than just a career phase for Tiffany; it was a period of intense learning and skill development. She honed her abilities in public speaking, leadership, training, coaching, and team building. Her business experiences spanned multiple countries and involved travel, unknowingly preparing her for a more significant role in the business world.

In 2019, Tiffany’s career trajectory peaked as she took on the role of CEO at ASI General Contractors. Her appointment to this position was followed by WBENC certification the following year, marking a significant milestone in her professional journey and ASI’s. Bringing a fresh perspective to the table, Tiffany, alongside her husband Joel, initiated comprehensive upgrades across the company, integrating cutting-edge technology systems. This strategic move was pivotal in enabling ASI’s ongoing expansion and in maintaining its longstanding legacy of setting high standards in commercial construction since 1976.

Under Tiffany’s leadership, ASI General Contractors has expanded its footprint across the western United States. The company has established specialized teams in these locations, reinforcing its reputation as a preferred contractor. Tiffany’s remarkable leadership is a testament to the founding philosophy of ASI, characterized by unwavering dedication to quality, service, and integrity.

With a formidable team by her side, Tiffany Anzelc continues to steer ASI General Contractors towards new horizons, cementing its position as a leader in the construction industry. Her journey from the dental industry to the pinnacle of construction management exemplifies her versatility, resilience, and commitment to excellence.

Joel Anzelc


Joel Anzelc’s journey in the construction industry is a testament to his dedication, skill, and leadership. His career began at the young age of 13, working as a laborer in his family’s construction business. This early exposure to the construction trades, combined with his educational pursuits, laid a solid foundation for his future success. Over the next decade, Joel balanced working in the family business with his academic studies, gaining practical, hands-on experience in various construction trades. After graduating from college, Joel transitioned to a full-time role in the family business, quickly advancing to the position of superintendent in 1996. His ascent within the company was marked by a series of promotions – he became a general superintendent in 2001 and then a project manager in 2004. In 2017, Joel’s career reached a new pinnacle when he was appointed as the Vice President of Operations, and four years later, in 2021, he became the President of ASI. Throughout his tenure at ASI, Joel has been instrumental in leading projects across a diverse range of sectors, including biotech, healthcare, office, industrial, retail, and government work. He has successfully overseen a variety of complex projects, from Tenant Improvements (TIs) and ground-up constructions to data centers and cleanrooms, including top-secret SCIF facilities. Joel’s extensive project knowledge, coupled with his decades of experience, has been pivotal in positioning ASI as one of the industry’s most technologically advanced and customer-centric construction companies.

Karen Buchko

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Buchko began her career as a billing clerk in the lumber industry, quickly discovering a passion for accounting and finance. Her proficiency led to a promotion to accounting manager, where she managed various financial aspects like payroll, collections, and financial statements. Her growing interest in business and accounting motivated her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2008. After 25 years in the lumber industry, Karen sought new challenges and joined a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer as a controller in 2009. This career move allowed her to utilize her financial management skills in a new industry. In 2017, she furthered her career by joining ASI, bringing a wealth of experience and significantly contributing to its financial and operational success.

Jeff Lewallen

Vice President of Operations

Jeff Lewallen’s career of over two decades showcases his dedication to law enforcement and project management. Starting in 1990 at the Los Angeles Police Department, he developed expertise in patrol duties, crime investigations, and traffic management, and became a skilled Firearms Instructor. In 1998, he joined the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy, contributing significantly to the SWAT Team and as the Lead Firearms Instructor and Armorer. As a Detective from 2005 to 2018, he led complex criminal investigations, including homicides, and was a key member of the Critical Incident Investigation Team. Transitioning to the corporate world in 2018, Jeff joined ASI, Inc. as a superintendent, quickly advancing to Project Manager in 2019. In this role, he excelled in project planning, design, and execution, maintaining quality and safety standards. Promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2021, he now oversees the company’s operations, assists project managers, and drives expansion into new markets. Jeff’s journey reflects remarkable adaptability, leadership, and contributions across public safety and corporate sectors.

Todd Hammitt

Vice President of Field Operations

Todd Hammitt’s career showcases a significant shift from law enforcement to a leadership role in the construction industry. Starting as a Police Officer at the Placerville Police Department, he enforced safety laws, conducted patrols, and led criminal investigations, laying a strong foundation in public service. Advancing to Sergeant at the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, Hammitt supervised various divisions and played a key role in developing programs to improve community safety, concluding his law enforcement career in 2017. Transitioning to the construction sector in 2018, he joined ASI General Contractors as a Superintendent, where he managed worksite safety and was integral in maintaining project schedules and budgets. Hammitt’s effectiveness in this role led to his promotions, first to General Superintendent in 2019 and then to Vice President of Field Operations in 2021. In his current position, he collaborates closely with company leaders and staff, focusing on project management, strategic implementation, continuing education for field personnel, and enhancing customer satisfaction through quality and relationship management. Hammitt’s journey from law enforcement to construction underscores his versatile leadership and commitment to impactful service in diverse professional environments.

Aaron Alfrey

Vice President of Business Development & Estimating

Aaron Alfrey joined ASI in 2014 as a Laborer and rapidly advanced to become a Superintendent in just two years, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication. His notable attention to detail and ability to manage on-site operations efficiently ensured every job site was well-organized and maintained. Aaron’s commitment and growing expertise led to a…



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